G4003: Symbolic Methods in Biomedical Informatics

Next Offering: 2022 fall semester

Topics to be covered:

  • knowledge representation and its role in natural language processing
  • ontology and their uses in biomedical knowledge discovery
  • text-based ontology learning
  • biomedical terminologies and their design principle

The course is customized for 1st-year PhD and MA students in the biomedical informatics program and also open to other interested students at Columbia. It provides an in-depth overview of symbolic methods. Topics include:

Lectures: Lectures are interactive, and an emphasis is put on class participation in discussions. We will use the PollEverywhere web application to facilitate discussion and help evaluate class participation. Please bring a laptop or smartphone to class to participate in PollEverywhere. Please note the schedule of lectures may be subject to change. Students will be informed of changes if/when they occur.

Lab Sessions: Sessions are conducted using a group-based format; see the "lab group assignments" document for your group assignment for the entire semester. Please bring a laptop. Sessions will take place in two parts: (1) quiz, (2) lab.

Readings: Readings are posted on CourseWorks. Each week includes on average 30 pages (2 hours) of required reading. Please complete the required readings for each week in advance of the Tuesday morning lecture. Supplemental reading is included for ease-of-reference, and is not required.

Final Project: Students may work in a team of 2 or individually.

Office Hours: Instructor: by appointment only

TAs: 12:00 - 1:00 PM on Fridays (after lab) in the collaboration room

Last Updated: 06/2022