me by robot Noémie Elhadad

Associate Professor in Biomedical Informatics
Affiliated with Computer Science
Data Science Institute
Columbia University

622 W. 168th Street, PH-20
New York, NY 10032
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My research is at the intersection of machine learning, natural language processing, and medicine. I develop techniques that support clinicians, patients, and health researchers in their information workflow by deriving insights from large observational clinical data (e.g., the electronic patient record) and patient-generated data (e.g., online health communities and mobile health). My research relies on two types of methods: (1) I design novel computational approaches that infer models of health phenomena and account for the specific biases of large health data; (2) I translate the learned models into actionable knowledge and robust systems within the healthcare ecosystem (e.g., a patient record summarization system for clinicians at the point of care).

Besides doing research, I spend time with Anna, I listen to music on thisismyjam, and I make lists (see below).

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