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Assistant Professor
Department of Biomedical Informatics
Columbia University

622 W. 168th Street, PH-20
New York, NY 10032
noemie.elhadad @


My research interests are in natural language processing and data mining, with particular focus on summarization and discourse-level structuring of information. I investigate ways in which clinical datasets (e.g., patient records) and health consumer datasets (e.g., online health communities) can be processed automatically to enhance access to relevant information for clinicians, patients, and health researchers alike.

Current projects include patient record summarization and large-scale probabilistic phenotyping based on clinical records, building shared annotated lexical resources (ShARe) for clinical natural language processing, and building tools to facilitate content analysis of online health communities.

Besides doing research, I spend time with Anna, I listen to music on thisismyjam, and I make lists (see below).


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