Research Team (updated on 10-2017)

Current team members:

Postdoctoral Fellows or Research Scientists:

PhD Students

Research programmer:


Undergraduate student:

Medical student:


Doctoral Degree Graduates:

  1. Gregory W. Hruby (2011-2016), currently a data scientist at Mount Sinai Health System
  2. Daniel Fort (2013-2014) (co-advising w Adam Wilcox), currently an Adjunct Assistant Professor at Northwestern University
  3. Nicole Weiskopf (2009-2014), currently a tenure-track Assistant Professor of Informatics at Oregon Health & Science University

Master Degree Graduates in Biomedical Informatics:

  1. Yixuan Guo, 01/2016-01/2017), thesis: An Automated CDM Data Query Generator
  2. Tian Kang (2014-2016), thesis: EliXR-CDM: An Open-Source Common Data Model-based Machine Learning Parser for Clinical Research Eligibility Criteria
  3. Mathew Paulson (2013-2015), thesis:Desiderata for Major Eligibility Criteria in Breast Cancer Trials
  4. Handong Ma (2013-2015), thesis:Prediction of Black Box Warning by Mining Patterns of Convergent Focus Shift in Clinical Trial Study Populations Using Linked Public Data
  5. Clair Gordon (2013-2015), thesis:Combining Expert Knowledge and Knowledge Automatically Acquired from Electronic Data Sources for Continued Ontology Evaluation and Improvement
  6. Mary Boland (2010-2012), thesis:Discovering Medical Conditions Associated with Periodontitis Using Linked Electronic Health Records
  7. Yuan Zhang (2010-2012), thesis:Using Electronic Data To Profile Population Health and Identify Clinical Evidence Gaps: Towards Precision Clinical Research Design,
  8. Steven Mark (2008-2010), thesis: Visualization of Medical Entities Dictionary
  9. Fei Chen (2007-2009), thesis: Secondary Use of EHR: Data Quality Issues and Informatics Opportunities
  10. Craig (2007-2008)

Master Degree Graduates in Public Health:

Postdoctoral Trainees in Biomedical Informatics:

  1. Anando Sen, PhD, (07/2015-08/2017), Postdoctoral Research Scientist at MD Anderson
  2. Jung Son, MD, (07/2016-06/2017), Senior Medical Informatician, NYC
  3. Shreya Chakrabarti, PhD, (08/2015-03/2017), currently Data Scientist at Amazon Inc.
  4. Julia Hoxha, PhD, (10/2014-10/2016), currently a researcher in Germany
  5. Praveen Chandar (2014-2015), currently staff researcher at IBM Research
  6. Zhe He (2014-2015), who receive about one year of training in my lab, currently tenure-track Assistant Professor at Florida State University
  7. Riccardo Miotto (2012-2014), currently Data Scientist at Mount Sinai Medical School
  8. Tony Hao (2013-2014), currently tenured Associate Professor at Guangdong University of Foreign Studies, China
  9. Casey Overby (2011-2013), currently tenure-track Assistant Professor at Johns Hopkins University
  10. Alex Rusanov (2012-2013), currently tenure-track Assistant Professor of Anesthesiology at Columbia University
  11. Zhihui Luo (2009-2012), currently tenure-track Assistant Professor at University of Wisconsin at Milwaukee
  12. Solomon Berhe (2011-2012), currently a researcher in Germany
  13. Junfeng Gao (2012), currently scientific consultant for Purdue Pharma L.P.
  14. Di Zhao (2010-2011), currently Associate Professor of Chinese Academy of Science, Advanced Computing Center
  15. Xiaoying Wu (2010), currently tenured Associate Professor at Wuhan University, China
  16. Tax Botsis (2008-2009), currently research staff at FDA

Research Staff: