Infobutton Icon

What are Infobuttons?

Infobuttons are links in WebCIS that look like this: Infobutton Icon

They are scattered throughout WebCIS in places like lab results, culture results, antibiotic sensitivities, in patient medications and outpatient medications (see screen shot, below):
Infobutton Screen 1

When you click on an Infobutton, you will get a list of commonly asked questions, like this:
Infobutton Screen 2

Clicking on a question will bring you to a Web-based resource that can help answer the question.  For example, clicking on "What is the dosing and administration information from Micromedex?" in the above screen will open a new window that looks like this:
Infobutton Screen 3

We hope that Infobuttons will help you. Let us know by e-mailing Jim Cimino at

Special note: to get to infobuttons for antibiotic sensitivities, click on the symbole for the antibiotic, as shown below.
Infobutton Screen 4

This will open a window like this to get the infobuttons:
Infobutton Screen 5

Selecting an infobutton will produce a question list like this:
Infobutton Screen 6