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Adam B. Wilcox, Ph.D.
Associate Professor

622 West 168th Street, VC-5
New York, NY 10032
(212) 342-1646
Research Statement
Curriculum Vitae

My research and interests are focused on the application of health information technology to effectively transform care, and to transform research and discovery. My work has contributed to each of these areas (application of health information technology, collaborative care transformation, research and discovery) consistently over the last 15 years, with some very high-impact results.

Architecture and design of health information technology (health IT) to improve care and quality

a.       I led the design and development of an Emergency Department information system for 20 hospitals at Intermountain Healthcare. Impact: This was a $10M project at Intermountain Healthcare.

b.      I was the lead architect of a plan for a comprehensive next generation electronic health record (EHR) at Intermountain, which is currently being developed with GE Healthcare. Impact: This was a $150M project approved by Intermountain, and later was the foundation of the development collaboration between GE Healthcare and Intermountain.

c.       Currently, I manage the team running WebCIS, the EHR at Columbia University Medical Center since 1999. I led the design and development of the next generation of that system, including design of an interface leveraging smartphone technologies. Impact: In 2006, I led the team in migrating from an IBM mainframe to Unix-based servers, resulting in a net savings of $3M/year.

d.      I was the leader of New York Care Connect, a health information exchange (HIE) initiative in northern Manhattan, which was the first HIE in New York City to automatically exchange data. Impact: This initiative was a foundation of the NewYork Presbyterian Hospital (NYP) Washington Heights/Inwood Initiative, and the $11M HEAL-17 grant award that we received in 2010.

Transforming health care

a.       I was the architect and leader of a new advanced primary care model, Care Management Plus, which uses health IT to support care coordination and care management. Impact: Care Management Plus has been implemented across the country in over 150 primary care teams and clinics.

b.      I am specifically interested in improving care transitions, and how health information exchange can benefit care.

c.       Currently I am the informatics liaison for the NYP Patient-Centered Medical Home initiative. I am also facilitating the measurement of NYP Meaningful Use measures with the clinical data warehouse.

Improving research with use of secondary data analysis

a.       I was the first data mining research at the Department of Biomedical Informatics with my dissertation research. Impact: I performed a cost-analysis of data mining techniques, and identified the value of expert knowledge vs. mining algorithms. I also identified the risks of algorithm comparison when data were represented arbitrarily.

b.      I was a member of HITEC, specifically leading the Financial Evaluation team. HITEC evaluated health information exchange initiatives across New York State.

c.       I am currently the principal investigator for WICER, a project to create a research infrastructure in the Washington Heights/Inwood community of New York City. This project focuses on using and evaluating the benefit of EHR data for secondary data analysis. Impact: This is a $9M grant funded by the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality.