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A list of official collaborators includes: J. C. Sprott, J. P. Crutchfield, N. Ay, Yuzuru Sato, F. Atay, J. R. Albers, W. D. Dechert, and C. R. Shalizi.

A list of unofficial collaborators: Juergen Jost, Moe Hirsch, Keith Burns, Buz Brock, Ian Dobson, Carl McTague, Jodi Supanich

These lists are far from being exhaustive...

Institutes: IHES in France, IMPA in Brazil, Warwick dynamical systems, SFI in Santa Fe, PSCS in Michigan, IMA at U. Minnesota, CDSNS at Georgia Tech, Center for Dynamical Systems at Penn State, Center for Nonlinear Dynamics at UT Austin

Groups: Information Theory of Cognitive Systems Group, Dynamics of learning at UC Davis.

Departments: Madison Math, Madison Physics, Northwestern, ASU, UC Davis Math, Rutgers Math, Maryland Chaos

Preprint servers: IMPA, general arXiv, math arXiv Santa Fe Institute working papers

Popular journals: Nonlinearity, Chaos, Physica D

A good math dictionary PlanetMath

A good statistics dictionary Steps

Friends, Advisors, Collaborators, and Rockstars (in no particular order):

PhD advisors: Clint Sprott and Jim Crutchfield

Dynamics rockstars: Keith Burns, David Ruelle, Amie Wilkinson, Joel Robbin, Karl Peterson (Ok this is a terrible list, I have started to just use my bookmarks for people.)

Bifurcation theory rockstars: Yuri Kuznetsov

Numerical mathematics rockstars: Alan Edelman