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this is just a page for me (and you) with references for debugging and other computational information. i use c and c++, so most (=all right now) of the info is for those particular languages...

for memory issues, i use electric fence and dmalloc

electric fence: to use electric fence, compile your code with debugging information (-g) statically (-static) and link the efence library libefence.a. here is a sample makefile. next, i use efence with the gnu debugger, thus start gdb (in emacs is best), run your executable, and electric fence will "point" in your code to the memory problems. to move up or down the stack in gdb, type "up" or "down"

when you need the big guns, try dmalloc. it is a bit harder to use at the beginning, but it packs a punch

here is the gsl manual

the gnu manuals

for those who have trouble with function pointers try function pointer dot org, can you believe it?

my SHELL of choice is zsh, here is the info page that contains manual pages: Z-SHELL help, here is the "official" Z-SHELL site

i use fvwm as a window manager for most of my work. fvwm is held together by a bunch of very nice, helpful folks who can be accessed via FVWM

tex and latex links: ctan