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Wierd crap

Random madness

My favorite fake burger joint: Ninja Burger

Ever try shooting a fish in a barrel? How about in a lake?

You know what can't be beat? A beef Twinkee.

Ever wonder what happens if you forget out to read while broadcasting a sports segment on a news program?

Electronic voting in Florida, 2004.

Here is what is sounds like for a Cambridge math professor to decides he is a , or when his labeling has gone wild.

A Charlie Brown Kwanzaa.

Ever wonder what it sounds like if, in the middle of playing an organ concert you moved your hands to a random place on the keyboard and kept playing?

Trouble at the rodeo --- in German.

Good old fake commercials:

Delta airways (mp3);

Ford Sport Kia (mpg);

Volkswagon Gulf (wmv);

Volkswagon (wmv);

IBC root beer (wmv);

IBC root beer (wmv);

The Shining, a trailer (mov);

Dilato, a dating site (wmv);