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Albs's rides

Let us see... there is the infamous BEAST (an '82 Chevy van) with it's sock monkey, which is now residing on the wonderful O'Brien farm outside of Oregon Wisconsin. In the US when I drive (I try not to), I use the little blue bunny (LBB), whom often functions as my home. The Bunny has had more adventures than I care to talk about it; needless to say, she has been on a ton of 4 wheel drive mountain roads, driven through many rivers (e.g., Popo Agie River), been buried in 7 feet of snow up on a 4 wheel drive road, been (accidentally and unknowingly) driven off the side of a snow-covered mountain road (the slow extended 6 feet beyond the side of the road) near Wolf Creek Pass and dumped 7 feet down an embankment (all into snow), has gone busting across dusty deserts in all parts of the US, and moved me across the country every 4 months for 4 years. In the process of all this, the Bunny has gained both fangs, and claws which have helped get out of a lot of jams. The Bunny has been an adventure machine; I am grateful for her. I am also known to ride wonderful, but in need of constant repair (which can be fun sometimes), 1975 Honda CB200 in the city and a Yamaha Virago 1200 in the countryside - most often with my dad. Currently in Germany I (thankfully) don't have a car.