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Yosemite: This is a wide assortment of stuff I shot in the fall of 2004 when I was living in Davis with Cat. This includes photos from all over YNP from Tuolumne meadows to the Ditch. However, most of these were shot in or near climbing areas for obvious reasons.

Fall 2004:

FILM: 35mm Velvia 50 (2004:8-10; 7485, 7488)

Sunset, from the top of Tenaya peak. These pictures were taken with my brother (Cat) at sunset after having just climbed Tenaya peak.

Down in THE Ditch This is a collection of three pictures, two taken while leaving the YO ditch one weekend in October (I don't recall why we were leaving so early). The other picture was taken in an afternoon in the fall.

the Capitan These are not particularly compelling photos, but there is a reason; usually, when I am in the ditch and the magic hour comes around, I am on the wall and miss the opportunity to catch the Capitan at it's best.

FILM: 6 x 6 cm (medium format) Velvia 50

night Capitan, morning Fence The is a collection of two photos, one of El Capitan in the moonlight, and the other of a fence post in the high country very early in the morning.