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Photographic galleries by David Albers


Views from THE hill (2003-2004 (Incomplete): a collection of pictures taken from the Santa Fe Institute looking west near sundown.

Horicon morning (October 2003 (Incomplete)): a collection of photos taken one fall morning in the Horicon march near Horicon, Wisconsin.

Beaches of Normandy (July 2005): a collection of photos taken in Normandy, France, at the D-Day invasion sites.

the Smoke Stack Project (2000-2003): a gallery of night shots of Madison, Wisconsin.

the Trees of Islay (2005): a gallery of trees shot in Islay, Scotland.

Stone yard, Bone yard (2005): a collection of photos taken of an abandoned church and graveyard on a eerie day in Scotland just before a rainstorm broke.

feet and hands (Fall 2003 - Incomplete): a collection of beautiful hands and gorgeous feet.

Vilas geese (Fall 2004):

life in Leipzig (January 2005 - January 2007): what it is.

Bathrooms of the world (2005-Present):


Yosemite CA (2004 - Present)

Wind River Wilderness (2002-Present)

White sands NM (Spring 2004)

Scotland (Summer 2005)



Over the Rio (White rock canyon, NM)

The walls of Greyskull, aka climbing the Dungeon walls (the Dungeon, NM)

Climbing pebbles (El Rito, NM)

In the Devil (Diablo canyon, NM)

Climbing with watermelons (the Sandias, NM)

Hollows and rare water (Hueco, TX)


Sheep, Ice, and Clowns (2002-Present): a clown gets revenge with ice, that I (maybe) get, but what about the sheep?

Valley of the waterfalls (Austria, near Gund)

Box canyon (Box canyon, CO)

Wolves, ice, and trucks (Wolf creek pass, CO)

Lower SUP (Munising, MI)

Upper SUP (North shore of lake Superior, MN)


Noel portraits (2005):

Naomi portraits (2003):