Photos for the iches - in no particular order:

Horicon morning: this is a photograph of part of the horicon marsh just before sunrise. the bird on the tree stump is a kingfisher, i think the rest of the birds are cranes and ducks. i just like this picture. i think the composition is the most important part of this picture, although the grasses (it was in the fall) really show up beautifully in the print.

sunrise in Horicon: this picture was taken in a different spot in the marsh just as the sun was rising. i really love the colors in this picture, they might contrast the blue in your kitchen, i don't know whether that is good or bad. i thought since this was a beginning, a picture of a sunrise would be a good idea. i really enjoyed taking this picture, and i really like the colors in the photo.

vilas geese: i spent a lot of time last fall trying to get a good picture of geese at vilas. this was just a shot i took while sitting and waiting for them to stop being freaked out by me. anyway, i think the color is nice but not amazing. what i like about this picture is that it really reminds me of vilas, which was my home for much of the last 10 years or so. this picture really reminds me of madison.

the next two pictures are not local, but i like them... they seem less relevant, but i felt like maybe you might not want a wisconsin picture.

moonset in the winds: i took this up in the wind river range as the sun was rising (the sun hit one of the peaks (on the left) but not the other) and the moon was setting. i really like this photo, i really like the color. i have a small copy of this in madison if you want to see it. the blue sky turns out very intensely on the print. i'm not sure if this will relate to you though.

white sands question mark: i took this at, you guessed it, white sands in new mexico. this is probably a pretty typical picture but it took a long time to get it. it is black and white, somewhat abstract, and the important part of this picture mostly is the texture and shape. i like this photo, my little brother really likes it, but i'm not sure how relevant it is to you. i have lots of "good" pictures, but they need to speak to you, know what i'm saying? anyway, if you like it, let me know.