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Ranking McDonalds taste by country

Below my ranking of McDonalds by country. The metric that was used was the plan hamburger.

1. Germany (the French fries suck in Germany, but they have those old fried apple pies that ROCK.)

2. Estonia

3. England/Scotland

4. Japan

5. Holland/USA/France/Italy

6. Hungary

100. Czech Republic (the meat tasted like whole, ground up, raccoons.)

Places I wish I had checked: Lithuania (I am sure they are pretty good), Turkey (I couldn't afford them (ha ha). McDonalds is one of the most expensive restaurant in Turkey.), Austria (I assume it is just like Germany)

I will keep trying them, everywhere I go when I remember and when I am not being ridiculed by my travel companions. By the way, I am not a particular fan of McDonalds, this just turned into a curious project after I moved to Germany. I noticed the McDonalds burgers were much better in Germany than the US, and then, upon visiting Prague, I noticed McDonalds was MUCH worse there. So now I try to keep track when I can remember to.