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Welcome to the OFFICIAL ASS BLOWN OFF homepage; don't be confused by all the other sites out there, this is one of the ONLY OFFICAL PAGES.

Members of ASS BLOWN OFF: Bobby "Koch'n in the honey bucket" Assblownoff (lead singer, driver of the winnabago), Andy "Thorson'n all over your shoes" Assblownoff (lead guitars), Adam "Bayliss'n on myself" Assblownoff (bass guitar), and Davey "consider that Albers dead" Assblownoff (drums)

Influences: Sonic's Rendezvous Band, Poison 13, Gories, Oblivians, Miles Davis, Frank Zappa, Kinks, Makers, AC/DC, Hank Williams, Cows, Black Sabbath, Shadows of Knight, Stevie Wonder, Sonics, Ramones, Booker T. and the MG's, the Monkees, the Monks, Mandrill, Dave Holland, Motorhead, Iron Maiden, Jon Spencer, Link Ray, Quadrajetsm, Nine Pound Hammer, Rolling Stones, Tower of Power, and of course many, many more...

ABO Originals Tunes: You've Got Something Coming, Son of a Bitch Neighbor Shot My Dog, No More Coke for Dan, College Freshman Action, THE Moonshine Song, The Mad Man Yammering Song (the ex-girlfriend song), Nail Them Coffins Shut, 12 years, Grown Up Twisted

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Contact Info (for bookings for just to bitch):Bobby, Andy, Adam, Davey, or the whole sinking Band

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Please, no lyrics requests; all lyrics are top secret.


ASS BLOWN OFF art by Naomi Curland