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Life in sunny Santa Fe

What is the life like? For a person such as myself, Santa Fe was pure heaven; tons of open space, a beautiful desert, amazing wilderness, more climbing and one can do, ice climbing near by, amazing food, amazing culture, wonderful people, about the best weather in the world, it is hard to beat. I can't imagine my life without the time I spent in Santa Fe.

Places to go, things to see. I have put together a list of restaurants, bars, cafes, hiking, art, theaters, from my life there. I wrote it for a friend who was heading there for the SFI summer school, and it is based on my time there as a grad student, but it should be useful and interesting.

Moving: I moved to Santa Fe (with the help of Chris O'Dell) on the 24th of Feburary, 2000. I left Santa Fe for Davis California on August 31st, 2004.

Addresses: 2000 - Cerro Gordo (spring), Calle del Canada (summer), Artist Road (3 weeks at the end of the summer); 2001 - Old Taos Road (two weeks in the summer); 2002 - Old Taos Road (for a month at the beginning of the summer), Manzano (most of the summer), Canyon Road (a week in October); 2003 Jano (off of Gonzales, 3 weeks in January), (place off old canyon) (March), (other place off old canyon) (first 3 weeks of the summer), West Alameda (the chicken coup, the rest of the summer); 2004 Cerrillos Road (January-May), (place out in the country) (June-August);