stuff i would like for chrismas:

A scanner for my slides and b&w negatives: Minolta DiMAGE Scan Dual III High Speed - for more info check out ken rockwell's site, it has the reviews i used to decide on this scanner. 300 bucksish

A rocket box so i can move better with my truck - from terry not sure how much - 150 - 200 bucks probably

2 pairs of jeans - i can't remember which ones at the moment - i should pick them out 60 bucks

this particular dickies coat: the brown blanket lined jacket locally, this place has it: CHENK-HUEGEL CO - Phone:608-244-6245, 2005 WINNEBAGO ST, Madison 53704 50 bucks maybe

a bunch of white, button up dress shirts, 16-33 - i think - mom measured - both mom and dad have ideas about this...

various casual - dressy stuff for interviews - i think mom might have some of this figured out

a 70 meter rope (ask cat about which one)

a bivy bag 300 bucks

new crampons - grivel g14 crampons 181 bucks - athough i think i can get them cheaper someplace else

tools for once i'm out of your hair (dad has some)

the usual, underwear, socks and t-shirts

books: Introduction to partial differential equations - TAM 13, Putman's translation of don quixote - hardcover - i don't really care if you get used books.

a subscription to downbeat

that is all for now