shout outs (in no partucular order): my parents jt and wayne, pop and linda, my "extra" parents the fingerhuts, my grandparents, my aunts and uncles, my little bro cat, andy & shana, tim & jenny, pete & deb & laura, my boys -- modo, dogg, boots &a , z & s, robba, damon, kurtz, rach, chrudy, lbb, cos & kris, coco b, bayliss (the loser), bobby abo, andy abo, louka, "red" hudson, timmy w, ken, jamie, libby, leckrone, andy r, karl "evans," john k, benny & stevie badwater (now stevie queens) & jeffy, vicki j, joel s, richd d, mr. smith, mr. schiender, mr. zirk & mrs. jenson, clint, dee, buz, joel r, sergey, jim the mad scientist, sam h, benny h, ben "war hammer" wood, ill fats, fatima, "harvard" sus, paul c, stevie p, rooker, magda, co, johnny w, curt, kaval, "fred," heather k, jodi, son, cara, cate, cb, sf sarah, o, paul, sam, kaps, markus, ging (my santa fe mom)) andi, ginny (and all friends who hold sfi together), linds d, susie and pauli, beth, joe, both jasons,(i'll continue this list soon.... i've gotta get back to work)