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Scotch Single Malt Tasting Notes

Islay moss
Islay Moss

David & Jim Albers


Dalwhinnie 15 year: sweet aroma, viscous soft smooth body, light, pleasantly sweet flavor, somewhat like a liqueur, peaty finish comes on late and lingers. Sweet dessert.

Glenfidich 12 year: very light fruity phenolic aroma, smooth on tongue, flavor builds quickly then fades quickly, somewhat harsh to swallow, short finish

Glenlivet 12-year: very light sweet aroma, light/small nutty fruity dry flavor, slight alcohol harshness in middle, rather short nutty wine-like finish

Oban 14 year: peaty somewhat alcohol aroma, smooth feel, delicate at first then quick seaweedy flavor comes on immediately with slightly sharp edge, light smoke and peat, dry, hint of sweetness, relatively short finish.


Cragganmore 12 year: slight smoky aroma, viscous maybe a little oily, earthy, touch of peat, fairly smooth light firm body, flowery flavor finishes at back of mouth and lingers causing salvation. A favorite when seeking a lighter experience.

Benromach 15 year: fruity flowery aroma, viscous, very smooth silky feel on tongue, slight bite on tongue and cheeks, traditional highland scotch flavor with hint of sherry, lingering sweet flavors


Glenknickie 10 year: phenolic alcohol aroma, smooth feel, mildly astringent, light flavor, dry, somewhat stinging alcohol sensations, spicy finish.

Looking out from Laphroig
Looking out from Laphroig


Ardbeg 10 year, Islay: heavy phonolic medicinal iodine and seaweed aroma, oily, fairly smooth and mellow, slightly sweet, smoky, salty, iodine finish.

Ardbeg 17 year, Islay: light musty, salty weedy aroma, much lighter than 10 year old, somewhat oily and smooth, mellow, salty, malty, slight iodine and citrus to finish.

Bowmore 12 year, Islay: phenolic smoke seaweed salty aroma, oily smooth on tongue, slight sharpness when swallowed with significant drop sensation to a pause prior to smoky salty finish with touch of bitter.

Bowmore 17 year, Islay: soft sweet medicinal aroma, smooth, oily, light pepper on tongue, light, woody flavor, slightly astringent, smoky, salty finish.

Bowmore Darkest (mid-teens), Islay: light, woody slightly medicinal aroma, very smooth, mellow, sweetness lingers through entire experience, early musty sherry flavor, nutty, malty, satiny, very even flavors experience absent peaks and valleys, smooth gentle finish of smoke, salt, sweetness. Excellent as a lighter heavyweight.

Bowmore Port Port Casked, Islay: wood and fruit, slight sea air pleasant aroma, smooth, slightly oily on tongue, definite fruity sweet malty alcohol flavor, fruity sweetness lingers through entire experience with smoke at very end of finish.

Bunnahabhain 12 year, Islay: very light, airy, hint of butterscotch aroma, soft, smooth, sweet malt on tongue, salt at midpoint with pleasant malty finish.

Bruichladdich 15 year, Islay: flowery musty seaweed borderline pungent aroma, smooth feel, sweet butterscotch, seaweed touch of salt flavor with slight bit causing salvation, relatively long warm sweet seaweed touch of salt finish

Bruichladdich 36 year (No. 001388), Islay: very dark golden caramel color, soft flowery fruity (beautiful and pleasant) aroma, very smooth feel, sweet oak mellow whisky (bourbon) flavor, long soft flowery fruity with touch of salt finish, very complex layers of feel and flavors overlap. Wonderful experience of overlapping feel and flavors.

Lagavulin 16 year, Islay: strong medicinal musty sherry aroma, smoky, oily, warms mouth, touch of salt and seaweed, very heavy smoke and peaty flavor that builds toward very long finish that lingers on tongue and in olfactory , smooth. A hands down favorite heavyweight.

Laphroaig 10 year, Islay: medicinal smoky aroma, quick bite on tongue and gums, strong medicinal smoky peaty flavor that comes on after initial alcohol bite, earthy, alcohol edge and vapors, warms throat, full flavor fades rather quickly with slight bitterness in finish.

Laphroaig 15 year, Islay: medicinal smoky aroma, smoother less bite on tongue and gums than 10 year old, strong medicinal smoky peaty flavor that comes on a little later, earthy, mild bite similar to pepper, warms throat, full flavor fades rather quickly with slight bitterness in finish.


Highland Park 18 year, Orkney rich spicy slightly smoky aroma, peaty smoky taste, smooth on the tongue, sweet honey, malty, rich, smoky, well balanced complex full flavor, soft long spicy or slightly peppery finish. A pleasure to drink and savor.

Jura 10 year, Jura: light woody aroma, smooth, viscous, slightly peppery on tongue, gentle changing flavor of sweet malt, seaweed, with a touch of bitterness and smoke, relatively long sweet finish with salt at the end. Great lighter treat.

Ledaig 20 year, Mull: slight musty medicinal aroma, slight astringent smooth feel, woody musty sweet peat medicinal flavor, flavor, little harsh to swallow, relatively long sweet finish

Talisker 10 year, Skye: slightly sweet earthy smoky aroma, smooth feel, immediate smoky peaty full round flavor, warms throat with slight and late astringency but doesn't bite, relatively long finish at back of mouth and throat, slight peppery sweetness lingers, complex.