Alpine Summer '02: Petite Grepon (we had a little trouble with lightening) but got up it (cat, tc, da); Hallet's Peak we had to back off of 2 pitches from the top because of weather of course (grrr), but we'll nail it later this year (cat, tc, da); Notch Top Mountain was a bit of an epic, but we topped out and it was really a wonderful climb (except for the last pitch) (cat, tc, da); Crestone Needle and Crestone Peak too windy to attempt (cat and da); Crestone Needle - we finally got good weather and sailed up it (cat, da), (a side note, my little bro and tc both attempted spearhead and got stormed off it twice, BUT the third time was the CHARM, they smoked it)

Summer '02 Alpine Goals: Crestone Needle, Kit Carson Peak, Longs Peak, as much stuff as possible in the winds (wolf's head, pingora, etc), too much stuff to list in the Sandias, Questa Dome, and a bunch of stuff in Eldo Canyon, there are some nice sport climbs in the mix too, but a few too many to mention