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Climbing with the meatpaw: Dave's climbing page

Table mountain, Golden Colorado, January 2001

Photo by T. Chrudinsky

Brief background: I've been climbing since February 1998. The guy who taught me how to climb is a dude named Terry Chrudinsky (TC), a fantastic dude who I met in an advanced physics lab class. He is an amazing teacher, a real MF of a climber, and one hell of an animated storyteller. My most consistent climbing partners have been either Cat (little bro who started really climbing after returning from Santa Fe with me one year) or TC. However, while living in Germany I was fortunate enough meet Brian Clarke (an awesome Midwestern dude like myself) who I was lucky to be able to climb with a lot.

My interests in climbing cover pretty much all types of climbing. I love the alpine, but I love bouldering in Hueco, climbing sport anywhere, big wall stuff (in YO), and of course the crazy, ever changing medium, ice. I'm down with mountaineering too, glaciers are wonderful, but some mountaineering freaks me out a little too much to deal with (i.e. crazy steep snow assents without gear for instance). Most of my long term goals lie in the mountains, everything else is just a good time (and icing on the cake).

STEP INTO MY DOJOS: it is hard to say where home is these days; instead I'll list dojos in places that have been my home. Madison, Wisconsin ROCK: Devil's lake, Wild Iowa (in Monticello, Iowa). Madison, Wisconsin ICE: Munising (Michigan), Governor Dodge state park. I have not been to any of these places since the fall of 2003, which is a surprisingly long time ago (yikes!). Santa Fe, New Mexico ROCK: there are a huge number of climbing areas near Santa Fe, so I will only list the places I frequented: White Rocks, El Rito, the Dungeon, Cochi Mesa (I love this place), Diablo Canyon, and of course the Sandias; I have not been to any of these areas since August 2004, and I really miss them. These New Mexico crags are all really great areas, and I have some truly great memories of climbing at these places. Santa Fe, New Mexico ICE: Ouray (Colorado), Wolf Creek (Colorado) (Chain station in particular), Silverton (Colorado); I really miss these areas and the days I spent at them. Davis, California ROCK: the YO Ditch of course, the Jailhouse, Hammerdome; this is my most recent home in the states and I have been in these places in the last few months. Leipzig, Germany ROCK: K4 which is an man-made outdoor area (I have climbed here a lot with Brian), some crazy rock quarry place (I don't know the name), Frankische Schweiz of course.

Climbing Photography: My climbing photography page is coming along slowly, but will continuously be updated.

Climbing recommendations: This is coming soon hopefully; it will just be a list of recommended climbs in various random crags.

Climbing links: Just a bunch of useful climbing links.

Stupid climber shit:

Ice climbing cartoon.

Various bits of news:

BD rope break at Pipeworks in Sacramento.;

Climbing shops: Addresses and phone numbers of "local" shops that I frequent:

REI: Madison- 7483 West Towne Way (608) 833-6680; Albuquerque 1550 Mercantile Ave. NE (505) 247-1191; Denver Flagship 1416 Platte Street (303) 756-3100

Sangre de Cristo Mountain Works: 28 S. Guadalupe St. Santa Fe, NM 87501, 505-984-8221

Wild Mountain Outfitter: 541 W. Cordova Road Santa Fe, NM 87501, 505-986-1152

Neptune Mountaineering: 633 South Broadway, Suite A, Boulder, CO 80305; 303.499.8866

Bent Gate Mountaineering: 1300 Washington Ave. Golden, CO 80401; (877) BENT-GATE toll free; (877) 236-8428 same as previous; (303) 271-1107 local phone; (303) 271-3980 fax

The Wild Iris

Boulders gym in Madison

Climbing fests I frequent

Lander climbing fest

Munsing Ice Climbing Fest