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Bugs Bunny is my hero.

Why? He is the ultimate modern American trickster I suppose.

Here are some of my favorite Bugs shots: Bugs loves Mel, Tex's Bugs, Friz's Bugs, Bob's Bugs, and of course, the ever cocky looking Chuck's Bugs

Bugs on Winkipedia and the official Warner Bros. site.

Really, I am a fan of most of the Looney Tunes, and the Animanics.

I am a Simpsons (the archive) fanatic (as is my younger brother), and I really love Futurama. I really identify with Fry --- "Alright bird, you thought you could beat me in a game of wits, but you just met your equal." The Family Guy is fine too, but I wouldn't say I have Family Guy episodes memorized.

As far as comic books go, I am a pretty big Spiderman fan, I used to be a Batman fan, and I usually read the X-men. I know that Marvel stuff is not the comic book snob comics of choice, and my more dorky comic book friends scoff at my taste, but what can I say.

Anyway, here are some links: apparently the best place to get ahold of old and out of print comics is: Dave's Comics or call 1-804-282-1919; Impulse creations, Midtown comics in NYC, Westfield comics in Madison WI, Capital city comics in Madison WI.