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I said, there's somethin' kinda whee about a kind who doesn't play baseball.

--- Foghorn Leghorn

Ok, so, I have been a NY Yankees a fan since '82 so I don't want to hear no guff. Why you ask would a good Midwestern boy be a NY Yankees fan? Well, aside from my love of Bugs Bunny (a native New Yorker), the one and only year the Brewers (my hometown favorite - yes I root for them against the Yanks) went to the world-series, they beat up on the Yankees and I felt bad for them. Then, in the years that followed, the Yankees fans seemed to feel so much pain about sucking so bad, I threw my support behind them. For some reason I overlooked the 20-some previous world-series victories. I hear no end of complaints about the fact that I am a Yankees fan; in 1999 one of my students (a Red Sox fan) complained about my liking the Yankees at which point it occurred to me that my Yankees hat was nearly as old as he was (it was time for a new hat).

Reasons the NY Yankees are NOT WALMART: they pay their employees better than everyone else; they are extremely concerned with keeping their customers happy, especially there chief customer/owner; they seem to have no regard for profit to keep the customers happy; they are not running small businesses out of business all over the country;

Ok, so really, I also am in love with the Milwaukee Brewers, and have been since I can remember. When I was a kid, after my parents would put me to bed, I would quietly listen games on a hidden radio I had between my bed and the wall.

I have also always had a thing for the poor Detroit Tigers. This likely has its root in the fact that my cousin (and role model) was a Tigers fan as a kid.