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I can be relatively difficult to track down and sometimes I end up traveling and moving a far amount. The best ways to reach me are via email, skype (uncabeez), and telephone.

Bugs Bunny

I'd post my schedule, but it is too complicated --- if you really need to know, just ask.

I can be reached at 608-469-3047 (my cell) pretty much anywhere in the lower 48 states. I do have voice mail, but I basically never check it, so it is better to send a text.

CONTACT IN GERMANY This is a brief HISTORICAL write-up regarding the best way to contact me in Germany when I was living there (2005-2007).

Current postal address is the Department of Biomedical Informatics at Columbia University.

Other addresses: 3147 Bell Drive, Boulder CO, 80301.

Non-Snail-mail: david dot albers at dbmi dot columbia dot edu, dja2119 at columbia dot edu are both my formal Columbia addresses, albers at cse dot ucdavis dot edu, albers at csc dot ucdavis dot edu, or albers at santafe dot edu or (i think) albers at mis dot mpg dot de all go to the same place; d j albers at g mail dot com is a more personal address, but i check them all.

Hopefully this is sufficiently confusing.